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James 1840

Innovation in James' DNA for over 30 years!

Let’s set the scene. In 1985, Remi James has just taken the leadership of his father’s craft business. A workshop located in the heart of a small Norman town.

Previously, most of the activity was the reproduction of antique furniture, but Remi had another idea in mind. he was projected towards the future, that is to say, to design and innovation. Thanks to this approach, he was selected to develops an exhibition piece as part of an important jewelry show in Paris. The contract stipulated that at the end of the event, the furniture would be returned to the company to be storaged for some time. The convoy back to the village intrigued many people for whom this extraterrestrial furniture had not gone unnoticed! Everyone believed that the client had rejected it and that it would be the end of the James house … in fact, it was its rebirth!