The culture of innovation and the expertise of its teams designate James 1840 as a key player, acclaimed by interior designers, decorators and investors.

The quality of the work is the result from the collaboration with James 1840, design is the base used as method of perception of the project.
Orchestrated by a rigorous service and the optimization of this exceptional know-how, the arts and crafts transformed in excellence …

The result tells this story and the images testify it.

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Hotel Les Grandes Alpes – Courchevel

9 pics

Hotel Molitor – Paris

9 pics

Hotel Balthazar – Rennes

8 pics

Louvre Museum – Paris

10 pics

Hotel Beaulac – Neuchâtel

6 pics

Louvre Carrousel – Paris

7 pics

Natural History Museum – Toulouse

5 pics

Natural History Museum – Bordeaux

8 pics