Project management




Financial study of the project


Philosophy of design

who better than James to turn your vision into an exceptional work?

Tell us about your requirements and your needs. One of our project managers will be your exclusive companion. Thanks to a catalog of architects, he will join you in an exhaustive investigation on the choice of style, design and materials. He will also propose you a financial viability study to control and optimize your budget. You can supervise the evolution of your project from start to finish in total control. Together, let's make the excellence of your project a reality.

Unlimited imagination and perfect know-how

At the beginning, there is only a conceptual vision of your space ... There is only one dream. Then comes the guidance of James 1840 with his constant search for excellence and the high technicality of his knowledge. The vast experience and the total control of the noble materials such as wood, glass and steel, will make your vision concrete. The dream becomes an exceptional work.

A well-conducted project is a financially controlled project!

Our team of economists, professional men and women, are responsible for establishing a detailed study of the budget of your project. This allows to combine economy, aesthetics, guarantees and quality. Our development study analyzes the feasibility and economic implications of the design choices, the workforce deployed and the fees of the consultants, the price of equipment and materials. Excellence lies in budget control.

design ... Our philosophy!

The love for the diversity of styles and the plurality of beauty are attached in the soul of James 1840. The passionate teams of the James house put to work all their creativity and knowledge in order to make imaginary becomes real. To offer you a wide variety of styles and designs, our teams count on the best architects and designers. James 1840 translates your ideas far beyond of what you think.