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James 1840

Hervé Degrenne, since 34 years at JAMES

After climbing all the steps – apprentice, workshop manager, head of the design office, project manager – Hervé Degrenne has become a valued leader in the profession for his rigor and professionalism.

What is your first memory in James?

I arrived at the company on January 2, it was very cold, in an unheated workshop, I operated the wood cutting machine under the orders of Roger James (Rémi’s father), but I think it is necessary to have lived the situation to understand it! (Laughter)

What are the most important facts of your career for you?

Perhaps the first project I did abroad, it was in Sao Paulo in 1997 (the day of Lady Di’s death) the development of a villa, one of the first important projects for James.

A word to describe the company?

Family. I have always felt good with the people I work with. There is a coexistence based on respect; and I like that it is still preserved.

A word to describe your career?

Pride, I arrived at the right time, we were five collaborators. I have progressed with the company.

Your greatest professional pride?

Maybe the project I’m currently working on! The Museum of Bordeaux … I have built many private residences, beautiful places, but a museum like Bordeaux, everyone will enjoy .

What do you like about your job?

Meet the needs of people, join them in their projects. When we started, we started from almost nothing, from a sketch and then we accompanied them until the creation of great things.